• Stephanie Breckbill

So you're a home stager...what does that mean?

And what is redesign? I get these questions a lot, so I thought I'd lay it out there. Most people have an idea of what home staging is, but still aren't really sure what I do. The easy answer is that I go into homes in Parker, CO and surrounding areas, or on zoom for clients nationwide, and use what people have to make the space more beautiful. I specialize in occupied homes, where the owner is living in the space while it's for

sale, so I offer some great tips on how to make that process easier. What is occupied home staging? Occupied home staging is preparing a home to sell. It's more marketing than design. We use what the homeowner already has to create a space that appeals to buyers, similar to a display in a storefront. We also help homeowners disconnect so they can see the home as a buyer would. We reduce clutter and knick-knacks, make rooms flow well, remove excess furniture, and create emotional connection points so buyers feel at home. Staged homes sell more quickly and for more money than their unstaged neighbors. I love the process of using what's there to create flow, balance, and beauty! What is redesign? Redesign is creating a home that the owners love. We use what the homeowner already has in a refreshing new way to make a room more useful, warm, and inviting. We reduce clutter and knick-knacks, make rooms flow well, and remove some furniture. We add emotional connections and minimal purchases to finish the look. We create a space the homeowner loves to spend time in. The process for both looks very much the same. They're really two sides of the same coin. The difference comes in who we are designing for, a buyer or a homeowner. We stage to sell and redesign to dwell.

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