• Stephanie Breckbill

Do you stage your occupied listings?

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No matter the price point, all homes can benefit from a staging consultation. When homeowners know what to do and why they should, they’re more likely to do it. A stager can explain these things during the consultation, as well as creating good flow with the furnishings and creating emotional connection points that make buyers see themselves living there.

My top 5 reasons to stage:

  1. Staging makes it easier for you to market and sell because your photos will be 100% more enticing.

  2. You’ll attract more leads with better photos.

  3. Stagers can address problems head on and tell clients things you may not want to say.

  4. Staging is a service you can include for clients as a faster way to sell their home for more money.

  5. Staging is much cheaper than the first price reduction.

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