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Create Your Dream Office!

staged home office

So many of us are working from home these days! Your home office should be a place where you enjoy spending time. Set aside a few hours to create a space that gets you excited to get some work done!

1. Declutter - Follow my "3 Steps to Less is More" flyer. Download here.

2. Set it up! - Keep the things you use most often close by. Things used less can be put further away.

3. File - Create folders to separate items and label to make it easy to decide where to place things. Don't let things pile up, file every week.

4. Organize your desk - Only keep things on your desk that you use daily. Create a landing pad to put things you might need in a day or two, but go through it weekly. No sticky notes! They look messy and create anxiety when they pile up. A to-do list is better and more organized.

5. Label everything - Like with your files, labels make it super easy to find things and put them away. Label shelves with what belongs there. Label notebooks with what's inside, etc. This one from Amazon is a favorite! (this is an affiliate link. I may make a small amount when you purchase this item.)

6. Surround yourself with a few things you love! Find some inspirational art or decor items and finish it off with. a plant. Even though it's an office, it should be a reflection of you and surround you with things that you love!

A lot of these things can be done on your own, however if you prefer to have a professional come in with a designer's eye, give me a call! I'd love to help you make your space beautiful!

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